Amazing Reptile Terrariums

Amazing Reptile Terrariums

About Our Unique Reptile Terrariums

One of the hottest new types of pets in recent years has been reptiles and amphibians. While cats and dogs are the undisputed rulers of the pet world, reptiles have risen to rival small animals in terms of United States household ownership, with 9.3 million reptile pets throughout the country. With reptile shows country-wide expanding to show off new species, morphs, and colorations, it’s increasingly apparent that reptiles are the hottest pets on the market.

Of course, to have a healthy, happy reptile, you’ve got to first find a great enclosure, also known as a terrarium (or vivarium). The best of these terrariums have a strong, latching lid, easy access for cleaning, and a large window or display so that you can feature your new scaly friend and his home to your guests.

One of the best features of terrariums is the balance they strike between ease of cleaning and owner creativity. Numerous companies make terrarium accessories such as lighting, reptile hides, decorations, substrates, and more. Just as with a more traditional aquarium, you can tailor your terrarium to best meet both your new pet’s needs as well as your own creative desires. Innovative reptile owners have come up with scenes representing everything from dense jungles and Wild-West deserts to long-forgotten temples straight out of an adventure movie!

An Innovative Market Leader

Our terrariums feature a unique round shape–the creators of these, at A-Round Nature™ call it a “Panararium™”–enhancing your ability to view your scaly friend. This unique shaping allows a full 360 degree view of your pet, as well as providing a unique artistic piece to feature in your home. Our Panararium™ terrariums come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 15” by 5” all the way up to an extra-large 28” by 36”, and can fit most any home or reptile pet size.

All Panararium™ designs include a mesh top, allowing your reptile plenty of fresh air while still providing it the security of an enclosure that won’t accidentally open or allow your reptile to escape. For a larger Panararium™, we also carry a variety of stands, built specifically to hold A-Round Nature™ terrariums. These stands range from sleek black to more decorative stands, designed to look like oak or cypress stumps. Further, we also carry reptile decor to perfectly accent your new terrarium, while providing your scaly friend a place to crawl over, slither into, or climb on.

Made In The USA

A-Round Nature 15x17″ terrarium with LED lights - fully decorated

A-Round Nature 15×17″ terrarium with LED lights – fully decorated

All of our terrariums and terrarium products are produced in the United States, at the A-Round Nature™ headquarters in Garland, Texas. With your purchase, you ensure the very best for your new pet. And, with all these options, you could a build a beautiful forest scene, right in the luxury of your living room.

No matter what size or how you chose to decorate your new terrarium, we know your will enjoy these stunning enclosures. See our complete range of A-Round Nature™ here and get your breathtaking terrarium set up today!


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