Unique and interesting are just the first steps in qualifying a new product. Each item must be of the highest quality and sell for a great price too in order for us to add it to our growing list of products.


As our tagline says – We Market and Sell Unique, Interesting Products and if you manufacture a product that fits this criteria, then why not drop us a line to see if your product may be a good fit for our customers.Our company has been successful in manufacturing, marketing and selling a diverse range of unique, high quality products for over 35 years. Our portfolio includes products that we have created and successfully sold around the world and in some cases, have been associated with well known, A-list celebrities.

Our diverse range here at iShopFactoryDirect.com currently includes products in categories such as: Footwear and Pets. We are now actively sourcing new products in these areas and are adding great new products all the time.

We know branding, marketing and how to sell great products and are currently seeking related partnerships with the right manufacturers. If you feel that you would make a great partner with your own unique, quality products then contact us today for more details on how we can team up for success!


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